Sunday, October 17, 2010

Come on... we all want to know...

That's right, we all want to know how the other half lives, don't we? Thanks to Virtual Studio Tour, this weekend, we can find out.

Doodles and Dabbles has two spaces, one is for mosaics only and is not currently in any shape to be seen by the public (we pulled everything out of the garage that wasn't mosaic related and have to revamp the mosaic area in the near future).

So we're only sharing the mixed media space for now. The space is not completely organized yet but we're far enough along to share a few photos. The back portion of the living room and is 4 ft. deep and 15 ft wide area that has been allocated to crafting/business.  It's not the prettiest studio but in a small house, we chose function over form. Moving from left to right, there's an old china cabinet hutch top on its end and added casters so that it can be rolled out as needed. The hutch contains mostly bulky items; clay, drywall mud, etc. on the top shelf, props and body parts in the 2nd cubby and tools, pasta machine, food processor and presses, etc. in the bottom (we're going to pretty this piece up by making inserts to put over the wired door fronts). I have recently aquired the desk from a thrift store, the cabinets via Craigslist, the paint holder and white drawers were relocated from another part of the house. The little white drawer units hold lots of tools and we've started labeling them: wire, rubber bands, toothpicks, clothespins, pens, measuring tapes, spoons, plastic bags ... you name it. We've subdivided all the desk drawers by using clear acrylic containers and dollar store trays. The uppermost shelf area, just under the window, houses WIP and the clear containers next to them house the items we  *might* use on that project. The white tray on the top is the drying zone for faces, heads, hands and other things; the other rack is for ornaments and hangables. The old spice box on the top left is the home of small packages of polymer clay and the wine boxes on the right store some ribbons. The 4x4 base mini table is a 'lift' so that we can get things to eye level, and it's a wonderful thing to have. We can move it around on the desk or put it out of the way somewhere when it's not needed. Many creations are trickling over into the living room (more than we care to admit), but that will change once we put in additional shelving etc. on the last bit of space to the right of the cabinets (we have an addition 32" of wall space and we're looking for a piece of furniture to fit that area in place of the fish tank).  Welcome to Doodles and Dabbles' studio!  And thank you for taking a little tour into our little corner of the world!

Completed Art Dolls and Secret Keepers

The dolls on the top left of the hutch are for inspiration and to help with scale.

The cardboard under the lift is to help protect the desk a little bit.


  1. The hand sculpted faces on your little figures are precious! They look like storybook characters. Thank you for sharing your art and your creative space.

  2. Thanks, Miss Sandy, for visiting and the kind words!