Friday, October 22, 2010

A crafting tip!

I recently purchased the Walnut Hollow Clay Embossing Set, and I'm very happy with it overall. However, I did find it very difficult to find the letter I wanted when I wanted it. Part of reason for having trouble seeing them is my eyes are getting worse as I get older, and part of it is because the embossing letters are the same color of plastic as the base of the letters. Well, I took it upon myself to 'tweak' the manufacturer's product so that it'll be easier for me to use.

Materials needed:
toothpick(s)/or small paint brushes
acrylic paint (I picked black but you can use any color you choose)
spray on clear coat
After separating the letters from the breakaway packaging, I dipped a toothpick into the paint and gently touched the letter area with the paint. It needs to be a thin coat so that it doesn't alter how well the embossing letters work. After the acrylic paint dried, I put on a clear coat. I put on several coats of clear, allowing it to dry completely between coats. My theory is that the clear coat will lead to the acrylic staying on longer. I can surely find the letter I'm looking for *much* faster than I could when they were all one color. Check it out in the photos and you'll see how much more the letters pop! Yes, it did take some time to cover each letter but I figure the time it took will more than pay off considering each letter will be much easier to find with *every* project I do. Long term goal? Time saved!

If Walnut Hollow were to ask me to review the kit (I'd love to be asked to review new products. Talk about a dream job! How fun would *that* be?!), I'd say I love, love, love my Walnut Hollow Clay Embossing Set overall and I recommend it for every clay artist and scrapbooker  (No, I do not have any affiliation with Walnut Hollow. This is a review from one consumer, me, that's all)!

However, I'd suggest they change two things about it:

1) Color the text portion of the embossing stamps to make them easier to read (if that's even possible within the manufacturing process).

2) Add a few more of the blue letter holders to the kit or create a package whereby they can be bought separately - maybe even in different lengths or a breakaway type letter holder. That way, one could preset letters in place for commonly used words or phrases - saving time!
Let's face it, many of us are limited by the amount of time we can spend in our creative spaces.
Therefore, everything needs to be organized, efficient and user friendly.

I hope you have found this tip helpful. Free free to share this tip with others, but please give the credit to Doodles and Dabbles when you do.

Thank you Walnut Hollow for creating another great product!

I'm off to craft... something!

James Tripp
Doodles and Dabbles

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