Monday, March 28, 2011

It's the perfect time to get out of the 'artistic box'

Yes, it's true spring is on the way!  There's something about cleaning off the patio and garden area that makes me want to revisit some of my favorite things; plants, birds, butterflies, and outside mosaic projects.

This birdbath is among my favorite projects. Why? Instead of trying to make defined mosaic sections and designate colors for here or there, I went fully freestyle. It gave me a great opportunity to incorporate some of my miscellaneous items.

Among the items used in this birdbath is a statue of a lady which caught my eye at a local thrift store long before I began the project. At the time I bought her, I had no idea what she would become or if she'd become a part of something. I just knew that the way she gazed at me, from the shelf above, was as if she was awaiting a lost love or longing for something. I had to have her; she needed me.

This birdbath is about venturing out, about seeking new things, and exploring the 'what ifs'.
It's about exploring and seeing what might come to be. It's a reminder to get out of the house, the physical box many of us remain in throughout the winter season, and a reminder to get out of the mental - and artistic box - too.

Personally, I get so used to doing things the same way or following a 'creative signature' that I get stuck. Stuck in a way of thinking and creating. Stuck in a way that doesn't allow me to explore new paths, new ventures, new ... everything.  Spring nudges me to get out of my artistic box and explore the 'what ifs'!

Run with me through the paths of the unknown. Let's see where it takes us. It's sure to be somewhere wonderful, somewhere new, somewhere... magical.

I'm off to create... something!

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